AcCE Holds 4th Matriculation Ceremony


Accra College of Education (AcCE) on Friday, February 11, 2022, matriculated it’s 4th batch of freshmen and women of the four-year Bachelor of Education Program since its inception in the 2018/2019 academic year.

The Principal of the College, Dr. Samuel Awinkene Atintono, formally congratulated all fresh students who had gained admission in to the City College of Excellence.

He further mentioned that the College received 2,021 applicants. Out of this number, 1,705 were qualified, comprising of 897 males and 734 females. Due to the limited infrastructure, the College could only admit a total of 400 qualified applicants for Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and Junior High School Education. Out of this number, 186 are males (47%) while 214 are females (53%).

He continued by applauding some 20 freshers who decided to study Ga or Dangme languages. This he said was part of efforts to reach out to the Ga and Dangme community leaders to scout for interested applicants who wish to study those languages.

“This year’s admission process has been one of the most competitive as far as I can remember”, he said. Students with good grades couldn’t be admitted and had to be transferred to sister Colleges of education for admission.

Dr. Atintono made it clear to the freshers that the Management of the College had made available a school clinic on campus which would cater for College Community and also furniture for both lecture halls and offices for smooth teaching and learning.

 The Principal conclude by reminding the students of their goal of becoming professional teachers and also urged them to be discipline in all endeavours. “Remember, you were admitted to the College as an individual and you will graduate as an individual. You are therefore solely responsible for all your actions”, Dr. Atintono concluded.