Department of Languages

The Department of Languages teaches English Language and Ghanaian Languages namely Twi, Fante, Ewe, Ga and Dangme. The department aims at helping trainees to improve on their English and Ghanaian Language competence. The focus is to nurture teachers using participatory and group discussion methods for lesson delivery.


Department of Science

The science department is made of Natural Science, Agricultural Science and Physical Education sub-departmental units. The department is currently with nine (9) teaching staff members. The science courses offered at the Colleges of Education are designed to consolidate the content and skills students have acquired from their lessons in integrated science at the SHS level. It also provides the teacher trainee with skills and methods of teaching these subjects at the basic level. The ultimate aim of the department is to provide quality education and moral training to students thus equipping them with academic and professional skills to enable them meet the challenges of the changing global trend in education.

Department of Social Science

The Department of Social Sciences offers the following humanity subjects: Social studies, Religious and Moral Education, Music and Dance and HIV/AIDS Education. The ultimate aim of the Department is to provide quality education and moral training to students thus moulding them academically, professionally and morally to enable them function effectively in the communities that they eventually find themselves


Department of Mathematics & ICT Education

The department is made up of Mathematics and Computer Science Education. Presently, there are seven (7) staff members, two for computer and five for mathematics education. The course content includes general mathematics, methods of teaching mathematics and computer education. The ultimate aim of the department is to provide quality and professional education and to equip the teacher trainees with academic and professional training to enable them meet the global trend in education.

Education Studies Department

Since the establishment of Accra College of Education, the Education Studies Department has been playing a major role in the professional training of teachers. The department organizes on-campus teaching practice and the school attachment programme where teacher trainees are posted to schools in various communities in the catchment area to do practical teaching. The department also has a counselling centre where students are assisted to come out with solutions to their personal and academic problems.

Home econs

Home Economics Department

Vocational Skills is a course which provides the foundation for the study of Visual Arts, Catering and Sewing. It covers fundamental concepts common to the Visual Arts and Home Economics related subjects like Basketry, Beadmaking, Graphic Design, Gourd and Calabash work, Textiles, Sculpture, Leatherwork, Pottery and Ceramics, Picture making, Paper craft, Sewing and Catering. The acquisition of knowledge and skills in this area of study will enable students teach Creative Arts and Basic design and Technology at the Basic Level of Education using the appropriate methodology.

Early Childhood Department

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Visual Arts Department