Guidance & Counselling Unit


The Guidance and Counselling Unit is directly under the Head of the Central Administration, thus the College Secretary.It is headed by a Head Counsellor who has wide knowledge about current trends and developments, available streams and factors that influence decision making and planning.

The Guidance and Counselling Unit exist to

  1. give students proper guidance on how to deal with psychological problems which can badly impact their studies and career, and help them to develop certain problem-solving skills which to deal with particular issues surrounding their lives.
  2. advise students and staff on how to cope with different situations they tend to face in their school life.
  3. shape a student’s behaviour and also instil enough discipline in them. Proper guidance helps them achieve their goals, well guided & counselled students know what to do and how to do things in the best possible way.
  4. teach students how to live in peace and harmony with others in the school community.
  5. bridge the gap between students and the school administration
  6. give comprehensive advice on career, courses and jobs that will enable them to make a proper and informed choice and understand what they can do after they are done with school.
  7. help students and staff undergoing certain difficulties in their lives, to ask questions and clarify them through guiding and counselling.