“JET 91” Celebrates 30 Years After Graduation


Principal of Accra College of Education, Dr. Samuel Awinkene Atintono on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 chaired a 30 year after  graduation of the 1991 Year Group of the College. The group commonly referred to as “Jet 91” or Gye Nyame ’91 held  a “Get-together and Presentation to Alma Mater” at the Conference Room of the College.

The Year Group which started the College Choir, trees planting and other students activities  toured the College campus  to abreast themselves with development 30 years after their completion and graduation.

They were mesmerized with the developments and were proud of themselves they initiated such a good course.

 They later joined the “Jama” group of the College to entertain themselves at the Male dormitories.

Speaking at the get-together, the Chairman of the occasion and the current  Principal, Dr. Samuel A. Atintono told the Alumni that their celebration had also concided with his 30 years after graduation from Gbewaa College of Education at Pusiga in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He further pledged to the Alumini that he has made it as part of his plans for the College to attend Alumni functions anytime he is invited. He expressed his appreciation to the group for extending social media interactions to  meeting face-to-face to socialize and also thanked them and other years groups for their occasional supports.

JET 91 Celebrates 30 Years After Graduation

The “Jet 91” are currently have four ordained ministers who are actively serving God in various capacities and other professionals. The group recounted their various experiences as day students 30 years ago when there were only four buildings in the then Accra Teacher’s Training College (ATTRACO) with wide undeveloped land.

The Chairman for the Group, Mr. Owusu who happened to be the group’s College Prefect during his term as students in 1990/1991 Academic Year thanked his colleagues for travelling from their various work places and homes to visit their alma mater in joyous mode.  He expressed appreciation to some of their mates who are working hard to make sure their year group association becomes formidable.

The group donated ten (10) Jet brand ceiling fans, six boxes of A4 papers and three boxes of white board markers each containing one hundred pieces.

An 85-year old former “waakye” seller at the then College market (Sokoto Market) built by 1998 SRC now converted into residential facility for staff (Staff Bungalow A) known by the students as Daavi was given tremendous welcome at the function. The students recounted the help Daavi gave to them during their days as  students. The group  thanked and prayed for her for helping them sometimes sold waakyie to them on credit and given them free meal during difficult days.

The function was attended by the other Alumni members including Mr. Seth A. Coker (1990) and treasurer of AcCE Alumini Association, the current SRC Executives including the President and Vice President.