Related Offices in Secretary's Office

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The Secretary’s Offices is currently made up of five (5) main Divisions and five Sub-Divisions. The Divisions are headed by Deputy Registrars while the Sub-Divisions are headed by Senior Assistant Registrars and/or Assistant Registrars.

Divisions in Secretary's Office

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Division under the Secretary’s Office exist to provide strategic planning on academic matters; coordinate the development and implementation of academic policies of the College; provide policy options on academic matters for the consideration of the Academic Board, Executive Committee and Management Committee through submission of papers and memoranda; coordinate and supervise Examinations, Affiliations, Admissions, Sports, Graduation and matriculation, disseminate and implement Academic Board decisions.

General Administration

General Administration Division provides strategic direction with respect to other general services within the College.

Divisions include transport, security, works and estate management, ICT, and catering

Human Resources Development

Oversees Recruitment and records, training and development and employee/staff relations and coordinating fixed assets.

Student Affairs

The Division is currently headed by Assistant College Secretary with the mandate to provide strategic planning with respect to meeting the needs of students; coordinate the activities of student affairs, student financial services and counselling centres; coordinate the work of student associations/groupings and ensure they conform to the rules and regulations as spelt out by the Academic Board; liaise with Halls of Residence on accommodation of students; administer the Student’s Guide; maintain and update students’ records

Guidance & Counselling