Sabre Education Ghana To Collaborate With Accra College Of Education


Supporting Africa By Rural Endeavours (SABRE) Education Ghana on Thursday, April 4,2021 visited Accra College of Education in line with its vision of developing a viable brand with an enviable reputation and strong national and international presence.

Sabre Education is a partnership between two linked education charities, registered in the UK with the Charity Commission and in Ghana with the Department of Social Welfare. They currently work directly in southern Ghana to improve the futures of poor and marginalised children. As part of their strategic goals they aim to scale up their work nationwide in Ghana and beyond. One pathway to scale is through partnerships with other implementing organisations. They partnered with Opportunity Edufinance in 2017, and were able to reach the rest of Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The meeting sought for an educational collaboration between SABRE and the newly established department at Accra College of Education (AcCE) – Department of Early Childhood Education.

They were warmly welcomed by the Principal of the College, Dr. Samuel Awenkene Atintono when he gave his remarks. He used the platform to introduce the head of department for Early Childhood Education (E.C.E) Mrs. Mary Awuku Larbi.

Sabre 1
Photo: SABRE representatives with some staff from AcCE

Mrs. Mary Awuku Larbi after being introduced said that the Ghana Education Service (GES) has made it possible for Early Childhood Education to be integrated into our educational studies and with that, AcCE has embraced it well. She went ahead to mention that the objective of Early Childhood Education is to pre-dispose the children in a condusive environment for formal teaching and learning and also build a curriculum which is structured play and activities.

James and Robert were representatives from SABRE. According to the representatives from SABRE, they have worked with Ola and Sekondi Colleges of Education and are currently working with Presbyterian Women College of Education.

SABRE’s in the past years has;

  1.  Provided access to quality learning environment and quality teaching theough a program called brighter4 future programme.
  2. Rolled out the First Track Teacher Training (FTTT)Programme to help teacher trainees adapt the teaching profession.
  3. Contributed to the new teacher training curriculum reference with T-TEL.
  4. Worked with a lot of Government agencies
  5. Contributed to the Early Childhood Education Policy with GES and UNICEF.

All these are being done in order to influence government to build a well standardized Early Childhood (Kindergarten) classrooms.

AcCE also showing interest in SABRE’s work, presented the following areas of interest for the collaboration.

  1. Provision of faculty workshop opportunities to enhance the capacity of Early Grade Tutors.
  2. Establishment of a model classroom for Early grade programme
  3. Continious support of the  pre school at the AcCE Demostration School
  4. Assisting to resource the Teaching and Learning Resource Centre(TLRC)
  5. Research collaboration on areas of Research in Early Childhood Education with tutors of the Early Grade Department.

Develop a memorandum of understanding to formalize the relationship between AcCE and SABRE.