The Witness Tree Institute Visits AcCE


An American based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), the Witness Tree Institute, on Monday, August 5, 2021 paid a day visit to Accra College of Education(AcCE) Community as part of their immersive two weeks professional development experience in Ghana for K-12 educators to deepen their knowledge of African culture and its impact on the world, and to explore their pedagogical competencies.

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The Witness Tree Institute of Ghana was created to engage educators in multidisciplinary learning experiences through travel and exposure to Ghanaian culture, history, and education. Through firsthand learning and interactions, the institute provides an authentic experience for individuals to develop skills, perspectives, and thinking habits to enrich their institutions and communities.The institute provides an opportunity to use the lens of social justice to initiate discussions between Ghanaian and North American educators.

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Upon their arrival, the team from the U.S.A led by a Ghanaian Mr. Tete Cobblah were warmly welcomed by the Principal of the College and then met with the staff of AcCE at the College conference room to have a lecture on “Art as a means of expressing and promoting Ghanaian Culture” by the Vice Principal of the College, Mrs. Elizabeth Aikins.

In her lecture, she touched on the relevance and areas visual arts covers. She further explained some Ghanaian traditional symbols and how their names came about.

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After the lecture, the U.S.A team had interactions with the staff on how to develop themselves as teachers and tutors.
The American team proceeded to the College Demonstration School to have an interaction with the basic school pupils and finally headed to the visual art block to fry their hand on making their very own fabric designs with some Ghanaian traditional symbols.