The Vice Principal

Mrs Elizabeth Aikins
Mrs Elizabeth Aikins

Mrs Elizabeth Aikins is the Vice Principal of Accra College of Education.
She  had her Secondary Education at the Okuapemman Secondary school  from 1974 to 1979.  She continued her education at the Seventh day  Adventist Training College at Koforidua from 1980 to 1983 where she  obtained a 3 Year Post-Sec. Teachers’ Certificate “A” .
On completion of the Teachers’ training programme, she taught at the  Bubiashie Cable and wireless Primary School from 1983 to1986.
In 1986 she proceeded to to the University of Science and Technology  where she obtained a Diploma in Rural Art and Industry in 1989, a  Bachelor of Arts degree in Art in 1994, a Post- graduate Diploma in  Art Education in 1995 and a Master of Arts degree in Art Education in  1997. During her Post graduate studies, she became the treasurer of  the Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana, UST.

In 1996 she was employed as a Tutor at Accra College of Education. She  has served as a Tutor of the College for twenty two years and has  taught for a total of thirty seven years.
At Accra College of Education, she rose through the ranks as a house  mistress, Senior house mistress, Head of the Vocational Skills  Department, College Counsellor and Vice Principal of the College.
She is currently the chairperson for the Academic Planning and Quality  Assurance Committee, Residence and housing committee, Academic Affairs  Committee,  Works and physical Development Committee and the  Professional Development committee. Mrs. Aikins is also a member of  the College Council.
She was the  coordinator for the Ghana Teacher Licensure examination (  Accra College of Education Centre) in 2019 and 2020. She was also the  coordinator for the for the GES promotion examination conducted at  Accra College of Education.
As Vice Principal, she assists the Principal in the general governance  and leadership of the College. She is the Academic head and chief  disciplinary  officer in the College. She is responsible for teacher  evaluation and supervision, Student discipline, maintaining schedules  and handling of logistical matters. She performs  daily administrative  tasks such as processing papers work,  preparing and maintaining  information files, records and reports. She also handles complaints,  resolves conflicts  or grievances and settles disputes.She  assists  the Principal to coordinate, direct and plan the academic and  auxiliary activities of the College. Mrs Aikins assists the Principal  with recruitment of staff and admission of Students to the College.  She assists  the Principal to discuss policies, educational  activities, Professional Development programmes and Student behavioral  issues with Staff.
Mrs. Aikins’ vision is to train teachers in an environment which  fosters Student and teacher growth in order to produce competent,  resourceful, creative and useful members of society.
Mrs. Elizabeth Aikins is married to Professor Stephen Hill Mends  Aikins, a Professor with the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems  Engineering, KNUST, Kumasi. They have two daughters.